Customer Segmentation & Targeting 2018-07-31T17:12:23+00:00

We understand that we need to evaluate the customers and stakeholders who are critical to achieving successful access and engagement for your brand. We take a holistic approach that moves beyond payers and considers all the relevant stakeholders. In addition, we identify the key organizations within a market segment that can help accomplish your goals. 

We identify the most relevant customers and stakeholders within the following segments:

  • Policy influencers – CMS
  • Payers – commercial/government
  • IDNs/hospitals systems/ACO
  • Group purchasing organizations
  • Distribution partners
  • Congresses/industry organizations
  • International payer/policy organizations
  • HCP organizations
  • Physician/pharmacy/nursing staff and patient groups

At Peregrine, we identify not only the most important segments, but also which organizations/individuals within a segment should be targeted. We assess the degree of stakeholder influence and steer your brand’s messaging efforts towards the targets with the highest impact.

Our Process:

  • Review access data (HIRC, AIS, Wolters-Kluwers, MMIT,, DDD, etc.)
  • Gather your organization’s internal intel (advisor input, conference findings, existing syndicated reports, internal stakeholder input)
  • Coordinate with data vendors (economic reports, thought-leader surveys, competitive intelligence)
  • Analyze Peregrine’s data base, internal staff experience and our network of industry, customer partners, and payer advisors
  • Collate and analyze data


  • In-depth insight report that arms your organization with the high-impact customer segments as well as specific, high-priority customers/stakeholders
  • Reference binder with sources to support our findings
  • On-site planning workshop outlining findings as well as ongoing interpretive support of our findings