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Understanding all the different components that factor into a successful product launch is a formidable task; there are many moving parts and important elements to keep in mind, and all the while you don’t know what you don’t know.

At Peregrine, we can help. A product launch involves the combination of numerous work streams. You have to analyze the market and understand the competition in the therapeutic category you are entering. You have to understand your brand and who your customers will be. You have to know why your brand is valuable, how you should communicate that value, and to whom. It takes understanding, planning, cunning strategy and flawless execution.

Our launch suite of deliverables is derived from careful investigation into the following four areas:

  • Landscape Assessment
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Multi-Channel Communications Strategy
  • Value Proposition/Message Development

With this information, we’re able to deliver a launch strategy document that will become your blueprint for success.

Peregrine will support you on every step towards your product launch. We begin by meticulously evaluating the market space into which your brand will enter, beginning with the industry at large and eventually narrowing our focus to assess payer coverage, distribution challenges, benefit design, and other important variables. From there we consider each competitor, from rival brands to generics to alternative therapies. We evaluate your competitors based on their share of voice, messaging, and strategic thinking, all the while figuring out where they are vulnerable and where your opportunities lie. This step is critical; as we delve deep into the drivers and barriers for your brand, we’re able to better envision your brand as it would appear through the eyes of your potential customers.

Next, we evaluate customer segments to better understand which customers and stakeholders are critical to achieving successful access for your brand. We take a holistic approach and consider the complicated market access universe in its entirety, moving beyond payers and considering all the relevant stakeholders. We also seek out the key organizations within a given market segment that can help you accomplish your goals. This is where we differentiate ourselves from other consultancies and agencies; decades of experience and industry connections have made us aware of all the information available and how to use it.

How we communicate with our customers is almost as important as what we say. The days of the 60-page payer deck are over; the market access business has drastically evolved from back when the Account Manager and a Pharmacy Director would simply discuss price. There are so many ways to spend your marketing budget and so many avenues to choose from in terms of delivering the value proposition of your brand. Our job is to identify which communication channels are the most impactful when it comes to delivering your access value messaging platform. This decision must be tailored to each stakeholder identified in the Customer/Stakeholder Segmentation & Analysis.

At Peregrine, we identify strategic imperatives and behavioral objectives that your organization can then use to drive conversation about your brand. For your brand to be successful, it has to be a story. In turn, that story has to generate dialogue. What Peregrine understands (and other consultants and agencies don’t) is how these conversations actually work. Our experience has taught us which messages will resonate with each client segment. We also know how to integrate these messages across client segments so that, like an orchestra playing a symphony, each section plays a different part, but all the parts correspond in order to play one piece. We can build your brand’s story using key tactics that are vital to the success of your marketing and communication plan.

Peregrine combines all of this information into an integrated launch plan deliverable that will be your guiding document. Your market access organization can use this document to plan their work, manage their processes, and drive their budget to effectively execute the POA. Peregrine can deliver each plank of the platform, presenting it live to your organization and always being available as a launch resource to help elevate your organization as a whole.