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Gone are the days when it seemed strategic to spew every positive thing you could say about your brand into the access space. A strategically aligned messaging platform must be created that demonstrates key areas of differentiation and value for your brand that works across the business space, your organization and the disease state. We will identify which messages are appropriate for each customer/stakeholder segment and create a platform that explains how to leverage each message to ensure consistent, high impact value story engagement.

We Assess:

  • Key areas of discussion that will resonate with customers/stakeholders
  • Important ideas to communicate about you and your brand involving efficacy, quality, safety, supply, cost, support
  • How to focus on and develop message areas that will be important to each customer/stakeholder
  • How to ensure that those messages will drive the desired behavioral objectives identified through our strategic process

We strive to maintain a strong “why” behind every message,

every conversation, every engagement

Our Process:

  • Create an approved hierarchy of messages that aligns each message subject area
  • Align to the strategic initiatives identified in the Landscape Assessment with targeted customers/stakeholders and select appropriate messages that drive the value proposition narrative
  • Ensure message strategies address strategic needs for your customers and patients and remain applicable to each communication channel identified in the Multi- Channel Communications Strategy Development phase


  • A message document that creates content for each customer segment, a specific strategy and message platform to inform your tactical and collateral resources, and project plans that will drive your brand value narrative into the market
  • An on-site discussion workshop outlining findings as well as ongoing interpretive support
  • Reference binder with sources to support our findings