Multi-Channel Communications Strategy 2018-07-31T17:13:29+00:00

The market access business has evolved from a contract discussion between an Account Manager and a Pharmacy Director. There are so many ways to spend your marketing budget and so many avenues to deliver the value proposition of your product. For each access stakeholder identified in the Customer/Stakeholder Segmentation & Analysis, we work to identify the most impactful communication channels that deliver your value messaging platform.

We Assess:

  • Communication resources and their evolution as the market access environment transforms to include new stakeholders
  • Each stakeholder segment with an eye for the most effective communications platforms that can achieve the desired behavioral objective (print, digital, advertising, personal & non-personal, congress events, speakers [bureau], PR, thought leaders, sponsorships, and clinical influence will all be considered)

Our Process:

  • Work with our multi-channel strategy team to evaluate what communication strategies are currently being leveraged in the healthcare market access space for each identified stakeholder
  • Conduct internal interviews to see which channels your organization is currently leveraging across the marketplace through their existing communications efforts
  • Identify examples of competitive efforts in the space and identify gaps that can be filled or leveraged
  • Use our analysis of the strategic impact of each program to identify the most appropriate strategy for the largest possible impact and best value for marketing dollars spent


  • In-depth insight report that arms your organization with a roadmap of how to best leverage your brand’s value story into the market. This report will integrate your brand’s narrative across message platforms, enabling a seamless POA for your marketing and sales organizations
  • On-site discussion workshop outlining findings as well as ongoing interpretive support
  • Reference binder with sources to support our findings