Digital Decision Modeling 2020-09-23T17:13:05+00:00

Customized healthcare economic modeling tools that demonstrate value to optimize access for your brand.

In today’s value conscious environment, there are many different economic stakeholders with different notions of value. Telling customers about the value proposition for a product may only get you so far; showing them the value of your brand in a credible and transparent way can better help you achieve your assess goals.

Our digital decision models are an extension of your core value story. A digital decision model is a sales tool that allows account managers to have productive conversations about access by focusing on a distinct decision point in the management of a therapeutic class.

With customizable fields to input data about your customer’s member population, disease characteristics, and patient disposition through a clinical treatment algorithm, digital decision models can provide economic outputs unique to your customer’s plan that are credible and transparent.

Whether it be modeling scenarios of drug adoption and differential utilization in a therapeutic class with an associated cost offset, or incorporating more advanced cost effectiveness outputs based on clinical or real-world studies, a compelling cost analysis shows payers the value of your brand to drive optimal access.